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Patient Testimonials


All of Dr. Kantor's patients are referred to him by word of mouth.


Our testimonials are an important way to let people know that there are others who may suffer from similar conditions and that relief can be achieved through alternative health care.


CONDITION: Use of cane due to crippling hip/back pain, double hip replacement surgery had been scheduled


OTHER TREATMENTS TRIED: Orthopedist, neurologist, pain management, neck surgery 

"My life has literally been saved by Dr. Kantor's care and understanding. To fully benefit from Dr. Kantor, one must have an incredibly open mind because Dr. Kantor's approach is so unique that he will challenge your concept of traditional medical care. However, it's his wealth of knowledge about the human body and the interaction of the various "systems" that quickly assures you that he's on the right track. Over the course of 3 months, I went from 100% inactive to a person who could walk and move freely. By 6 months, I was able to begin exercising for the first time in years. After being his patient for 1 year, I was able to compete in my first submission fighting tournament. I owe getting my life back to Dr. Kantor. My son has been a patient for about a year and many issues he was having have all but cleared up. My wife is a new patient of Dr. Kantor. Each patient is given a unique evaluation and Dr. Kantor helps address both the presented symptoms and the root cause."  



CONDITION: Knee pain and limp, arthritis


"I had acute, searing pain in my left knee, which left me with a pronounced limp and in constant, extreme pain. The pain was so intense, I could not sleep at night. I was seen by two highly respected orthopedic specialists; after numerous x-rays, MRI and Cat-Scan, they both determined that I had severe arthritis of the left hip, would need hip replacement surgery, and scheduled me for surgery. The first time I saw Dr. Kantor I was hobbled by the pain but afterwards I was able to bend down to put on my shoes (had not been able to do that for at least six months) and walked out without limping, because the pain was so minimal! I was even able to walk to and take the subway. The pain is no longer debilitating, affecting every area of my life. I was able to spring clean my home and do nine hours of gardening. I thought I would surely pay the price but had absolutely no pain the next day! My husband said I no longer cry in my sleep because of the pain and he's aware of a complete difference in my demeanor. he said I smile a whole lot more now. After my third appointment with Dr. Kantor, I cancelled the surgery! I can't say enough about Dr. Kantor. He truly cares about his patients - it is apparent in every aspect of his approach to your care."



CONDITION: Injuries to rotator cuff, knee and neck

"I am a regular and very active triathelete so staying fit, healthy, and injury-free is very important to me. Every time I've seen Dr. Kantor, I got better very quickly - and often after only one or two visits. This amazes me. Greatest of all, whole process teaches me ongoing good habits to maintain lasting results. I'm grateful and healthy."  



CONDITION: Asthma, chronic bronchitis, chronic pneumonia

"Dr. Kantor is amazing! He literally changed my life. I have been diagnosed with Asthma since the age of 2 (now 32). I suffered each change of season with severe bronchitis and pneumonia. I could barely walk up the stairs without wheezing and couldn't even think of running. All my doctors said there was nothing wrong with me. I believed there has to be a better way. Dr. Kantor listened to every small ailment (even ones I thought were no big deal) but they all connected together. He looks and analyzes the entire being, you. He asked me questions about my life, my anxieties, and just got to know me so he could help me. After 1 year of treatment I can proudly say that I've run several 5ks and have not had one bout of bronchitis or any sort up upper respiratory infection."



CONDITION: Trochanteric bursitis, wrist injury, knee injury, back pain


OTHER TREATMENTS TRIED: Conventional medicine, nutritional counseling, acupuncture, massage therapy, counseling, reiki, cranio-sacral, chiropractic, physical therapy, psychic healing

"Within 3 sessions In noticed a marked improvement in my symptoms. Dr. Kantor is also helping me to achieve more clarity around issues/habits than years of therapy! I feel relief finally - physically, mentally and emotionally. In Dr. Kantor, you will find someone who listens to you and works with you to achieve balance and true health." 



CONDITION: Listeria meningites, sciatica, muscle/bone pain, high blood pressure, weight loss, anxiety, insomnia, digestive issues


OTHER TREATMENTS TRIED: Physical therapy, orthopaedist, cortisone shots, vicodin, other alternative treatments.

"I contracted Listeria Meningitis but after a month on antibiotics I was left with unbearable sciatica. I depended on vicodin to work or socialize and my GP had no desire to understand what was happening. I lost 25 pounds in 3 weeks and was not able to sleep. I was at a loss as to how to proceed. A friend mentioned that she was seeing a kinesiologist and in desperation, I called for an appointment. I was also searching for answers as to why I contracted Listeria Meningitis. Dr. Kantor's natural curiosity and his questions were evidence he was intent on finding answers. I've been awed by the interrelation of the nutritional, emotional and physical systems, and the delicate balance necessary to be healthy. I am forever indebted to Dr. Kantor and continue to see him as part of my preventative health care. Even if you think there's nothing wrong, just the simple way that we, as New Yorkers, handle our daily stress, is so damaging to well-being. Dr. Kantor can help with that! Expect that your health will improve, and your understanding of the complexity of the human body will blow you away!"



CONDITION: Often sick

"I seemed to get sick fairly often for the past 6 years. Now I hardly ever get sick, and if I do, it is for a much shorter time. I no longer go to my primary care doctor nor take traditional medicine. I have referred anyone who has shared a physical problem with me to him. Because of my positive experience, my mother, sister, grandmother, aunt, boyfriend, best friend and her mother all go to Dr. Kantor. I want to make sure that the people I love are receiving the best, most thorough care possible."



CONDITION: Hamstring pain, stomach issues, muscle aches/pains


OTHER TREATMENTS TRIED: acupuncture, massage, craniosacral, tcm

"Dr. Kantor is a miracle man. Whether you have run out of doctors and ideas on how to feel better or you just need a little boost on coming back into balance, Dr. Kantor is your guy :-)"



CONDITION: Chronic hepatitis C

"I was diagnosed more than 20 years ago with Hepatitis C. I chose not to take Interferon and drank Chinese herbs for about 5 years. It was recommended that I go on a medication regimen because my liver enzymes were always high.  They were never less than three times as high as they should have been and usually higher than that. After being under Dr. Kantor's care, I received the results of my annual laboratory tests and found that one of the liver enzymes was within normal range and the other was four points out of range. I could hardly believe it; these were numbers that I had not seen for more than twenty years. Patients can expect clear explanations of what is happening with their body and what can be done to improve their symptoms. Generally, after treatment with Dr. Kantor you feel so much better you know you are on the road to recovery."



CONDITION: Herniated disc, traumatic brain injury from cycling accident

"When I came in for my herniated disk, I had some relief from 2 weeks of physical therapy, but with Dr. K there was a dramatic difference. He not only realigned my spine but taught me about how my poor eating and life habits were contributing to my susceptibility to injury. My life made a huge turnaround. I became athletic and very healthy after being non-active; and he helped me as well through my athletic injuries. I am now finding a balance in life and much of this is due to Dr. Kantor's influence and care in my life." 



CONDITION: Back, fatigue, digestion, food allergies 


"My back problems have greatly subsided. I no longer suffer from fatigue during the daytime which was tied to my digestive system. He was able to diminish many food allergies. I just feel so much better physically, mentally and emotionally."



CONDITION: Hand and arm pain, unable to type or write

"He honeslty gave me 95% relief after one treatment. I had the same condition 4 years prior and he cured me after one visit. Now I am back and will regularly be treated to prevent this and other conditions. He is truly a healer."



CONDITION: Sinus trouble, anxietySUFFERING FOR: "As long as I can remember."

"Dr. Kantor has given me a holistic lens through which to view my ailments as well as my body's -- and mind's and spirit's -- potential for healing and growth. I have a better understanding of how things connect, and what I can do for continued improvement. I breathe easier now (literally) and am collecting the tools to lower my levels of stress as well. The care is quick and efficient so as much as possible can be done in a given time -- but I encourage everyone to ask questions -- Dr. Kantor answers everything and explains how things connect."



CONDITION: Overall health, stress"Dr. Kantor has played an essential role in keeping my overall well-being at a very high level. Regular treatments by Dr. Kantor help to offset the toll of a stressful job. His treatments help boost my immune system and keep my mind clear."



CONDITION: Back and neck pain, indigestionSUFFERING FOR: Several yearsOTHER TREATMENTS TRIED:  Other kinesiologists, accupuncture

"My back and neck have now been fine for years. Patients can expect to receive very thorough care. Dr. K gets to the root of the problem. The process can seem 'magical,' which might scare some people away. But I encourage people to stay with it to see the results."



CONDITION: Lower back immobility

SUFFERING FOR: On and off for 2 years

Other treatments tried: Other chiropractors, MDs, cortizone, acupuncture

"He has helped me to mantain a pain free life. I have highly recommended Dr. Kantor to several friends and colleagues and told them that he was a 'miracle worker.'"



CONDITION: Numbness in arm, dizziness

OTHER TREATMENTS TRIED: ENT, diagnotician, medicine

"Helped me in very first visit with numbness. Has helped dizziness. Dr. Kantor cares about his patients -- exudes optimism. Treats causes, not symptoms."



CONDITION: Chronic loose stools, explosive morning bowels

SUFFERING FOR: On and off for 10 months

OTHER TREATMENTS TRIED: Dieting, medications

"He's helped by restoring health, vitality, and well being. Total cessation of symptoms. Polishing my spirit."



CONDITION: Migraines, back pain

SUFFERING FOR: 9 years, increasing in severity to 2x/month

OTHER TREATMENTS TRIED: Neurologist, general practitioner, acupuncture, chinese herbs, yoga, hormone therapy, psychotherapy

"Dr. Kantor has helped me understand my symptoms and focus my efforts in a way that is helpful. I feel that my 'cure' is whithin my own grasp. I felt helpless and frustrated and hopeless - that I was dommed to a life with pain and suffering. I now believe that I will be pain free one day soon! Dr. Kantor is wonderful - very caring and knowledgable - he has great insight."



CONDITION: Panic attacks, back pain

SUFFERING FOR: 15 years, pretty much daily

OTHER TREATMENTS TRIED: Physical therapy, medication, therapy

"Dr. Kantor has helped by looking at the whole picture. After every treatment I felt better. I even come to him with a cold or other minor problems! I've alrady referred friends and family here. The whole body and mind is looked at and sometimes the cause of a symptom is found in the other corners of the body."




Note: Testimonials have been edited for length

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