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New Patients

The methods used to assess a patient in our model of health care are based on physical evaluation and laboratory evaluation. Your unique presentation will determine what course of care you require and which labs may be necessary.



Physical Exam Methods


Functional Medicine

Neurological Testing

Applied Kinesiology 

Muscle Testing

ChiropracticNetwork Spinal AnalysisNeuro Emotional TechniqueClinical Nutrition



Diagnostic Labs


Blood Chemistry Interpretation (detects sub-clinical nutritional deficiencies)

Heavy Metal Testing (Doctors Data)Stool Tests (MetaMetrix and Diagnostechs)Food Allergy Testing (IgE and IgG) Lab Corp and Quest LabsSaliva TestsUrinalysis (Lab Corp and Quest Labs)


Dr Kantor is an out of network provider. Our office will be happy to verify your health plan benefits for you.


Depending on your benefits, full or partial payment is due at the time services are rendered. Some plans will pay the office visit fees directly to the doctor, others will only send payments to the patient.

Cancellation Policy

We have a strict 24 hour cancellation policy.  Our office does not double book apppointments. Patients are obligated to give the office 24 hours notice before cancellation or rescheduling.  
Patients who do not give appropriate notice will be held financially responsible for the appointment if the time slot cannot be filled.  Your understanding is appreciated.

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